Executive Leadership Life Coach

Corporate Leadership Group Training

Together we will equip your leaders to drive out the cost associated with emotional waste, workplace drama, entitlement and to perform at an elite level.

Corporate One on One Coaching

The height of your leadership is determined by your ability to influence people. You will be equipped to connect to people, grow your team and shift their mindset.


Self-Awareness and Blind Spots, Life Balance, Transform your: Career, Health, Marriage, Faith, Wealth, Personal Growth, Relationship, Fun and Recreation.

Stephen Elcano speaking at an event

Keynote Speaker

Stephen ignites his audience with a combination high energy and passion to move.


Mastermind Groups

The Power Collaboration and Accountability 

Certified DISC Personality Consultant and Trainer

You will learn how people are motivated differently, how they communicate differently, how they view tasks and relationships differently, and how their individual personality affects every aspect of their life.

Maxwell DISC Method
John Maxwell Team Certified Member


Overcome your shortcomings and clear the path for personal and professional growth.

Understand how others are different and how to work with each personality.

Build a stronger team that communicates and appreciates the style of others and works well together.

Learn effective strategies for handling conflict and personality clash.

Develop yourself and others to be their best.

My experience has been very positive and fulfilling.  Steve’s honest and fearless coaching approach isn’t always comfortable, but it is genuine and demands growth if you truly engage.  He works hard at gaining your trust so that honest conversations occur and real growth happens.  He also holds you accountable to the actions you decided on.


Steve helped understand where my blind spots were, that I was holding myself and my team back by not allowing growth for either of us and most of all, to be fearless and make choices based on what I want and not worry so much about what other’s think.


I would Absolutely recommend Coach, anyone looking to grow in leadership for sure, but I feel he would be really effective working with couples and young men struggling with anger issues.

Jeanette Cain
Nurse Manager Adventist Health Bakersfield

Coach Stephen Elcano was first introduced to me in a networking group that he facilitated the weekly meeting for. Every week, using his Maxwell Coaching program, I left the meeting feeling inspired and empowered.  I enjoyed his concepts so much that I hired him in 2020 to be my personal business coach and also coach my team members.  He has provided impactful, real-life guidance that has helped us with not only our professional development, but personal as well.


Our team’s biggest transformation has come after doing Coach Elcano’s DISC personality training. We were able to all learn how each other operate and because of that we are communicating better as a team.  My team is more engaged and empowered after our DISC meeting.


I would only recommend Coach to those people that are truly serious about digging in and working on their growth.  Those people that are looking for a magic bullet who are not interested in looking hard at their own habits and self-limiting beliefs are not going to succeed from his program.  His program requires honesty and real accountability. For those that are ready to take it to the next level, and really change themselves for the better long-term than his program would be a great fit.


I would recommend any business professional, whether you own a business or not, that is interested in making improvements on their performance and results.

Elizabeth Cardenas
State Farm

Steve has been a great coach and mentor.  He works hard to understand you and your leadership style. Once he understands you, he pushes you and challenges you to strive and grow as a leader.


Where have you experienced the biggest results, what did he help you with?


Steve has helped me look situations from different angles.  How different personality types interpret me, how to approach and coach them from a different perspective and how to handle those difficult issues.


I absolutely recommend him for any new and seasoned leader.  Our world is ever changing.  Steve gives practical tools to sharpen your skills and challenge your thinking.  His approach makes you reflect within and gives you that extra spark to develop a team that reaches for the gold.

Danyell Deckard
Imaging Manager, Quest Imaging Adventist Health Bakersfield

Youth Development

Empowering our Youth to see themselves bigger, to connect and inspire others. Our future influencers will learn the essential skills and values to help them become well-rounded and responsible members of their communities, to help them be future change agents and to combat bullying.