Stephen Elcano Workshop Schedule

Stephen has been great! He is always energetic and genuinely concerned about me as an individual. He remains professional in all of his interactions and has been a joy to work with.

- The biggest results I have had from Stephen is with helping build relationships. The framework that he uses gives different approaches to use with different personality types. Using these, I’ve been able to build better relationships with my coworkers.

- I would highly recommend Stephen as a coach with anyone who is struggling with relationship building. This could also include leaders who want to change the culture of their workers but don’t know where to start.

Joey Jolliff
Director of Pharmacy Adventist Health Bakersfield

Stephen has been coaching me for approximately 1 year.  Where I started and where I am today is completely different. Some of the greatest benefits I have gained from his coaching is:

I have learned how to communicate with many different personality types and be successful, I have gained confidence in myself, by having the courage to reach out to some very influential people in the organization. 

This is the first time I’ve ever had a coach in the work force and It’s been quite a journey and I’ve enjoyed every session. 

I would highly recommend Stephen to any organization.  He has the passion to bring out the best in people and they are then able to bring out the best in others.


Patricia Berman
Manager of Surgical Services Adventist Health Bakersfield

My experience with Coach Steve has undoubtedly been one of the best experiences I’ve been able to have. I was introduced to Steve at my work place. I thought it was very nice that my employer had him as a resource for their employees, but now looking back WOW!

I feel so blessed to work for an organization that invests in their people’s personal and professional growth.  This has been rewarding in not only my work but personal life. I feel exponentially more confident in so many areas of my life. I have received the biggest results with my self-worth. I am much more confident and effective. I am able to handle anything thrown at me either at home or work because Steve has equipped me with the necessary tools to face anything head on. My relationships both at work and home are much more fulfilling as well. This has played a huge impact on my life. I would recommend Coach Steve to everyone, especially those who feel “stuck” in their personal or work life. He can help clarify goals, identify the obstacles, and help with strategies

Erica Chavez
Business Development Manager Adventist Health Bakersfield

My coaching experience with Steve has been excellent! I have benefited from enhanced self-awareness pertaining to personal communication, leveraging it as a strength, and awareness of how to strengthen relationships in areas of personal opportunities.

I would definitely recommend him especially to my current downline and those who have expressed interest in leadership (I have RDs who desire this). He can provide a framework for them to see themselves successful and envision their profes confidently.

Angela Newton
Director of Nutritional Services – Adventist Health Bakersfield

        The Stephen Elcano or as I like to call him, “Coach Steve” experience was a gift given to me by my employer for professional growth. What I got in addition to some professional growth was some personal growth and a great friend! Stephen first helped me to recognize how my personality type and communication style can influence positive results and improve my relationship with my team, patients, friends and family. Granted, this required me to take a hard look inward and be willing to put in the work to be more aware of how my communication style and personality can affect others. My favorite lesson was very simple…” seek first to understand”.  Learning the different personality types and communication styles of those around me, helped me understand other perspectives and how I can better serve their needs ultimately creating a win-win for everyone!


I would recommend anyone, and everyone spend some quality time with “Coach Steve” whether it be for professional or personal growth.  If you are willing and ready to improve your relationships with your work colleagues, clients, family and friends then Stephen Elcano can coach, enlighten, and challenge you to improved communication, deeper relationships, and ultimately a greater understanding of those you encounter each day.  There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain!

Kelly Zielsdorf
Nurse Manager of L&D and Maternity, Adventist Health Bakersfield